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  About Us
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  was founded in 1998 focusing on the Asia-Pacific market and is a member site of Qpid Network®.

Qpid Network® is known globally as a platform focusing on meeting cross-language and cross-cultural demands, with each of its member sites focusing on a specific region. Currently, it has set up numerous branches various cities internationally to support local agencies, and has established close cooperation with local agencies who offer travel, gifts or visa services, etc. Qpid Network® has created a closely integrated member-services model with both online and offline.

So far, has already established partnerships with companies in numerous cities. As a member site of Qpid Network®, it relies on its strong brand influence and member advantages, and provides comprehensive solutions for meeting various cross-language and cross-cultural demands between different countries. Currently, its business includes friendship, gifts, visas and travel.

After years of investment and development, has already formed a strong brand influence. It is thought of by the public as the most influential platform globally which resolves cross-cultural and cross-lingual demands. According to the statistical data on Alex, compared with similar sites, the views on has ranked first for a number of years, and this also goes for its influence.


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