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    His name is Leif, a wind-powered machinery maintenance officer. He is a sincere, dedicated, witty and humorous man. He is tall and has a beard.

    Her name is Zhi , whose delicate beauty will make you want to take care of as soon as you lay eyes on her. She's not a woman who speaks a lot. In fact, she speaks with her eyes. As long as you’re a mature man, you’ll win her heart.

      The power of words

    Zhi's web-fate has always been pretty good – lots of men write to her. Her conditions are not bad. There are lots of men who are much more handsome than Leif, but she only has feelings for this particular man Leif. She loves him for his sincerity and dedication. This man’s words have touched her deep down. Maybe it’s fate. They’ve only corresponded for around four months, but it feels as if they’ve known each other for a lifetime. After having a clear understanding of each other, they both felt and agreed that it was time to meet up in person.

      “ I’ll propose to you every day until you say ‘yes’ ”

    They arranged to meet at the airport. Although they’d never met in person before, Zhi immediately recognised Leif. Seeing Zhi’s petite beauty in the flesh satisfied him to the extreme. As a gift, Leif gave his beautiful lady a dress, which she wore to the guesthouse the next day to see Leif. It looked as if it was tailor-made, which made Leif very pleased.

    In return, Zhi gave Leif a pair of chopsticks with a picture of a mandarin duck, after which Leif stopped using knives and forks.

    The next day, the translator and Zhi went to meet up with Leif. Zhi realised that Leif had shaved off part of his beard. When she asked him why he didn’t shave it all off, as worried as a little kid, he answered, ‘I feel that you don’t quite like my beard, but I have a beard in the photo of my passport. What if I shave it off and can’t get back home?’ Leif’s charm and sincerity made this Asian lady burst out into laughter.

    Leif deliberately looked for an opportunity to talk about marriage. He said that he had in fact already prepared himself – he already had the documents with him and had already made his decided that he wanted to bring her back home to Denmark with him. However, Zhi told him that although they had corresponded for a long time and know each other quite well, they still don’t really understand each other’s actual circumstances and therefore wanted to go to Denmark first and then decide. Leif felt a bit down, but very quickly adjusted himself, and replied humorously, ‘Okay, then I’ll propose to you every day, and then I’ll tie you up with my beard, until you say yes!’ From that day on, Leif would propose to her every day, but she would just smile playfully and look at him sweetly, not answering. Then Leif would dash over to Zhi and would often laugh together, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

    In order to enhance understanding of each other, they decided to go on holiday to Hainan. On their way there, Leif’s cheerful personality brought laughter and happiness to the tour grou and had become the star. His humorous, cheerful and intimate personality made Zhi accept this man completely. Now, let’s read about their romantic trip to Hainan: ... Expand All

    In the evening, we travelled to the airport by coach. Leif asked me why we didn’t catch a taxi. I told him that it was free to take the travel agency coach to the airport. He said to me, ‘I love you so much my spaghetti.’ (Zhi is quite slim, so Leif calls her his spaghetti.)

    In the morning, we woke up and had breakfast – Leif didn’t eat anything. I don’t know whether he found the food dirty or if he was on a diet for me. I told him I was worried about him, but he said, ‘Don’t worry dear – I am very healthy.’ Then I went diving – he didn’t want to go so he looked after my clothes while I went alone. However, he was fascinated by the fish spa – lots of fish were biting his feet. He said it was because his feet smelt nice and mine had no scent, which is why not a lot of fish bit mine.

    Leif always took care of me – he would always fight to carry my bags. He said that a lot of places in Hainan resembled that of his country Denmark, that where his mother lived there was also this same sea, blue sky and that Denmark is a country with beautiful scenery. When we got back to the guesthouse I washed his clothes for him. He said happily, ‘I love you my black boss.’ (I was quite sunburnt because of the ultraviolet rays’ being too strong in Hainan – I put on a lot of sun cream but it didn’t help.)

    Again, Leif didn’t have anything for breakfast. We went to the only tropical island naturally protected areas for monkeys in the world. He loved watching the monkeys’ funny performances, which made him laugh over and over again. We took Asia’s longest cross-sea cable way which overlooked the sea. Although he is fat and bulky, I could see that he was trying very hard to keep up with the others. In the afternoon, we went to admire Hainan's unique rainforest landscape. Because of his cheerful personality, he made lots of friends within the tour group. Everyone liked him.

      Tying the Knot

    After the trip, Zhi decided to marry Leif. When the translator told Leif about the good news via EMF mail, he was so happy he couldn’t believe his ears. That same day, they went to take wedding photos. Because Leif is quite fat, the photo boutique had to modify his trousers. Afraid that his trousers would break, he wouldn’t sit down. His silly manner made Zhi feel that Leif was even more down-to-earth.

    The next day, Leif rushed over to get his marriage certificate, but he found out that his proof of celibacy was missing one document. As soon as he heard that he couldn’t get the marriage certificate, he started to panic. He couldn’t understand the English of the staff – he started shaking and sweating, until he found out that he was able to get the certificate from the embassy in Beijing. Therefore, he immediately called the embassy and, after asking Zhi, they went to Beijing that night. The translator laughed and asked him why he was so worried. He said, ‘it was not easy for me to come to Asia, and not easy to meet such a perfect lady. I can’t let anyone take her from me, so I need to marry her, get her a visa immediately and bring her back to my country to live as soon as I can.’

    After they arrived in Beijing, they went directly to the embassy to sort out the formalities, although they were exhausted. While he was there, Leif also asked about how Zhi could apply for a visa to live in Denmark. Afterwards, they took the 2 o’clock train and went straight back to Wuhan. Leif’s objectives were very clear – holidays can wait. Getting a legal marriage certificate was the most important thing in the world. ... Expand All

    They visited her parents together, who asked lots of questions. This made Leif very nervous. He continuously promised that he would take care of Zhi, and proposed to Zhi in front of them. Leif’s sincerity made Zhi’s family feel assured. They quickly became very fond of this easy-going western son-in-law.

    This continuously excited Leif went to get his proof of celibacy translated in the early morning of 20 May, and then obtained his marriage certificate. Their love story finally had a happy ending. During the wedding ceremony, they gave each other new names:

    Leif: ‘From now on, you will be called Jensen Mingzhi.’
    Zhi: ‘From now on you should be called Leif Shang – remember you have to listen to what I say – I will forever be your boss.’
    Leif: ‘No, it’s Black Boss – you’ve been tanned from Hainan, hahahaha.’

    During the wedding, Leif again proposed to the ‘bride’. This time, he went down on his knees – they melted each other’s hearts with love. In front of her parents, family and friends, Leif promised a commitment of love. This time, he gained a very definite ‘yes’.

    Editor's Note

    Finally, they have found their happiness and the sincerity and persistency of Leif has won the heart of Zhi, a gorgeous Asian lady. Did you meet your soulmate on AsiaMe? Submit your love stories to be the star of our next Happiness Album.

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