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Their wishes are fulfilled!

Thank mum For your love.u r great in the world. Thank your mum for me(Jin Qiu) !!!!! Kenneth Leow

Love is what your looking for, I hope it what you've found .I want to say I love you the most as this mothers day comes around mark mark chabala
United States

j aimerais rencontrer l amour de ma vie sur ce cite et vive le grand amour ensemble jean lacasse

Love is all what matters. The search for love, it's often painful and sometimes joyful. But the best part of it is, that no knows when it will hit you.... Happy M-Day.. Peter Shaw
United States

Roses are nice and so are you I hope your day Is never blue Happy Mother's Day (Sorry, I'm no poet, but the meaning is there.) Hope we will be the match.) Gerry Gerry Cadotte
United States

Hi Sweet Pink Lady. I hope you have lovely Mother Day on Sunday. Also that our Yue will be in touch, to thank you for the way you bring her up. Love and best wishes. From Your Jimu XXXXXXX Jim Birrell

hi hope yo have a nice day phl chatwin
United Kingdom

A Mother teaches us how to love. Be selfless, courageous and strong. My precious Linda, we're proof our mothers taught us well. My heart will always be yours. Terry Stern

I do belive it is fate that makes us be here , I give all my love to you forever maurice harvey
New Zealand

Lucky those who receive love without asking, lucky those who gives love without requiring, lucky those who have a mother, who gives and receives love without asking. Best wishes to all mothers Matteo Pezzotta

yes I need your love , will you take mine into your heart forever maurice harvey
New Zealand

My beloved Yiyi, The single mother who bore and raised me said "a happy mother/wife is a happy family." I want you to be happy for all of our life together. With my whole heart, Your Ojok Ojok Isaac
United States

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