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The Story behind the Double Seventh Festival

As the legend goes, there was an honest and kind-hearted fellow named Niu Lang (Cowherd). His parents died when he was a child. Later he was driven out of his home by his sister-in-law. So he lived a poor life, working on the farm with an ox everyday. The ox was actually from heaven. He had done mistakes in heaven and was punished as an ox to Earth. At the same time, the youngest of the seven celestial princesses, Zhi Nu (Girl Weaver), had grown tired of the privileged but secluded life in the heavenly palace. She longed for a mundane life she often saw down beneath her. One day, she descended onto Earth secretly and fell in love with the kind-hearted Niu Lang. They got married soon, and had a son and a daughter. The Cowherd farmed in the field and the Girl Weaver wove at home. They lived a happy life together.

Unfortunately, the God of Heaven soon found out and ordered the Queen Mother of the Western Heavens to bring the Girl Weaver back. With the help of the ox, the Cowherd flew to heaven with his son and daughter. At the time when he was about to catch up with his wife, the Queen Mother took off one of her gold hairpins and made a stroke. One billowy river appeared in front of the Cowherd. The Cowherd and Girl Weaver were separated on the two banks forever. But their love touched the magpies, so tens of thousands of magpies came to build a bridge for them to meet each other. The Queen Mother was eventually moved and allowed them to meet each year on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month. Hence their meeting day is called "Qi Xi" (Double Seventh).

What are the common beliefs of Chinese women regarding Double Seventh Festival?

The touching story of the Cowherd and Girl Weaver has taken root in the hearts of Chinese people. Although the Cowherd was just a poor man living a simple life, the beautiful Girl Weaver admired his honesty and kindness. She was determined to pursue what she deemed to be her own happiness, and decisively gave up the privileged life in heaven to be with him. Even when they were separated and far apart, they remained faithful to each other till the very end. In fact, this story reflects what a typical Chinese woman wants from a relationship.

For most Chinese women, their ideal partner is someone who is kind-hearted, responsible and caring. He does not have to be very rich or attractive. Many Chinese women are quite happy to live an ordinary life without many material possessions, as long as they are living it with someone they truly love.

Like the Girl Weaver, Chinese women are also incredibly loyal and devoted, despite life's ups and downs and the physical distance that may exist between them and their lover. Once a Chinese woman commits to her partner she does so for life. So if you're lucky enough to find yourself a Chinese lady just like the Girl Weaver, grab her with both hands and never let go!

  • How is the Double Seventh Festival celebrated in China?
    How is the Double Seventh Festival celebrated in China?
    On that day, people may go on dates with their beloved, and restaurants see a busy time as people celebrate this romantic occasion with a candle-lit dinner. They can also use this occasion to express love to their sweethearts and dear ones by sending cards and letters. In the modern technologically advanced age, exchange of text messages between lovers has become a norm. People who would like to have a romantic relationship with somebody may use the occasion to make this known. Some couples use the occasion to propose to their beloved while some choose to get engaged on the festival that celebrates love. Of course, sending gifts or flowers is also a popular way of celebrating the Double Seventh Festival.
  • How do you say "Happy Valentine's Day" in Chinese?
    How do you say 'Happy Valentine\'s Day' in Chinese?

    While your Chinese girlfriend is working hard on her English for you, it would be nice if you could also take some time to learn some basic Chinese for her. This will take your relationship to a new level, because it shows how serious you are about her.

    Since Chinese Valentine's Day is just around the corner, why not start by learning to say "Happy Valentine's Day" in Chinese? Here we have a video to help you learn this simple phrase.

    After you have learned it, why not give your lady a Love Call on this special day and say it to her? She will surely be surprised and impressed when she hears this!
  • What are the classic Chinese Valentine's Day messages for your lady?
    What are the classic Chinese Valentine's Day messages for your lady?

    The Double Seventh Festival offers a great chance for you to spice up your relationship with your loved one. You can Write Her a Mail or Chat with Her on this special day to remind her how wonderful she really is. Here we have some classic expressions that you can use to show your love and affection:

    1. On this Chinese Valentine’s Day, just like
        every day, all I have is love for you.

  • What gifts can you send to your lady on Chinese Valentine's Day?
    Sending gifts and flowers is another popular way of celebrating the Double Seventh Festival. Here below are some common gifts you can send to your beloved lady on Double Seventh.

    Roses are a traditional gift to express love for your lady. Different More>>
    Chocolate has long been associated with passion, romance and love. A More >>
    Click here to learn more and let help you deliver gifts directly to your ideal Girl Weaver in Mainland China.

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