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Born between March 21 and April 19, Aries is characterized by the sign of the Ram. One of the strongest signs of the Zodiac, Aries women will have a tough exterior and a powerfully sexy interior. She is strong and independent, and it can be a challenge to win her heart. Do you have what it takes to date a sexy Asian Aries women? Find out everything you need to know right here!
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  • Fiery
    She is a fire sign, and as you would expect, Asian Aries ladies have a sizzling personality. She seeks romantic adventure above all else. Her hot temper will make her feel the need to dominate, but at the same time she doesn't want victory to come easily. She is a real go-getter, filled to the brim with confidence. But beware, she might sometimes jump to conclusions and be insensitive to the feelings of others.
  • Energetic
    Aries ladies travel through life at a dizzying pace and she will outlast those with less energy and ambition. In fact, Asian Aries ladies don't even know the meaning of the word procrastinate and usually cannot stand people who are lazy. Fascinated by a challenge, she will have a love of the great outdoors and a fondness for adventure too; so plan a hike or go mountain biking and she will feel right in her element!
  • Independent
    The motto for the sign of Aries is "I am", and if you engage an Aries women for just a few minutes of conversation then you will understand why. Asian Aries women are creatures of their own mind and can become very caught up in their own thoughts, dreams and goals. She wants total freedom but also togetherness all at the same time, and in love she will be totally faithful to her man, but she expects the same in return!
  • Leo (7/23 - 8/22)

    There is a good chance for a lasting relationship between these signs and love at first sight is a very likely possibility. Because both are fire signs, Leo can match her fiery and romantic personality, and both of you will admire the other's strong independence and sense of competition. Like her, Leo is very individualistic and loves freedom, and will not smother his partner. Both will be very loyal and faithful, but not clingy; giving full freedom to one another. However, both signs tend to have big egos and like to be the leader, so you will have to make an extra effort to compromise about who dominates!

  • Sagittarius (11/22 - 12/21)

    A great long-term match, these signs share a love of adventure and willingness to experiment and try new things. Both are active and spontaneous, and both are extroverts who enjoy socializing. Together, Aries and Sagittarius desire to have life experiences of their own and do not want to waste time just reading about it or listening to others stories. These signs communicate well, and the direct honesty of Sagittarius is just what Aries needs to control her powerful ego. These fiery personalities sometimes step on each other's toes, but both are able to forgive and forget fast, they don't have time to spend holding a grudge!

  • Gemini (5/21 - 6/21)

    When Aries and Gemini get together, sparks fly and passions ignite. And since passion and emotions run high with this pair, there is often no middle ground; the relationship either lasts blissfully forever or comes quickly to a disastrous end. Gemini is an Air sign and these rational thinkers will happily take care of the details and let the bold Aries lead the way. However, Gemini men often find it hard to be monogamous in their relationships, which dangerous ground dealing with dedicated and loyal Aries ladies. Luckily, she is confident and independent and usually not threatened by this flirtatious nature.

Aries in Love

Asian Aries women in love will strongly express all the different sides of their personality and sexuality. She won't hide her passion or her love of power and she frequently will not wait around to be pursued and will often make the first move. She needs her own space and can confuse love interests by pulling them closer with one hand and pushing them away with the other. Aries ladies are high-charged, and she cannot channel her fiery energy into being just a sweet girl; she loves to be sporty, fashionable and active and will look for the same in a partner.

Strong and independent, she expects to be treated as an equal. Aries ladies also want to be in charge of the relationship and may try to change her partner to fit her idea of the perfect man. Asian Aries woman are faithful, but can also be jealous, not because of insecurity but because she must be the most important part of her lover's life. At the end of the day, what she really wants is a long-term relationship with someone who can match her intensity.Click here to check out these Aries ladies now!

How to Win an Aries Woman's Heart

As a fire sign, Asian Aries ladies can have hot tempers and require a patient and understanding partner. She needs someone who can ignore occasional outbursts and value her sense of adventure and passion. Even though she is outwardly confident and strong, she still needs compliments to make her feel happy and secure. Her romantic partner should respect both her desire for independence and need for total adoration.

Some Aries women like to be be the aggressor and others may prefer to be chased by men, but either way she will be sizing you up even when you're not looking, so always be on your best behavior. Aries ladies are usually active and enjoy the outdoors, so try inviting her for a short hike or a morning run. If you offer some playful competition in an activity the sparks can really fly too! Just remember that no two Aries women are identical and you'll enjoy the challenge of getting to know your confident, spontaneous and independent lady. Want to meet someone now? Check out these Asian Aries ladies on AsiaMe.