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  Newbie's Talk :   Chnlove Reviews Add to Favorite


Hong Kong

  Posted: 03 Dec, 2010 06:42:37 Starter


We are pleased to provide a forum for sharing members’ reviews about Chnlove. We treasure all member's love stories because we put you at the heart of healthy relationship. It’s our ultimate goal of doing business.

No matter how busy we are there is one job that none of us are willing to miss, which is sorting the mail about Chnlove review and comments. Whether you found your true love on Chnlove, or are responding to the service provided by our site, or anything else, we would like to highlight what our members experience:

By Chris mouritz (CM354404), form Perth, Australia:
...So to all the men out there that think it is just a dream, I can say honestly that all the Chinese girls that join the are very serious girls looking for a good kind reliable man. You just have to search and find out who is the most suitable and loving one for both of you. Please be careful and go slow when first meeting a Chinese girl face to face. They will not feel comfortable if you appear rushed and pushy....

By Anthony Randall (CM751282), form Sydney, Australia:
To Chnlove... I am very happy to come to China, it is my first time in China, it is great, the people are great... will spend more time getting to know Shirly over the next few days...

By Altoona (CM291358), from United States
I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for your assistance to myself and my lovely new wife, Yammi.Language alone is difficult but when the differences of culture are added to a new relationship, it becomes very difficult. Yammi and I exchanged many long letters because we both realized that if we finally decided to marry...In the early times of our communication you assisted as much with words as concepts... ...The blending of cultures has been a very interesting part of our relationship. I believe that the translation of my words and the meaning behind them let my darling wife know I respect her and her opinions...

By Rob Riddell (CM325874), from Queenslnad, Australia
...There so much more I could have written but seriously to anyone considering ChnLove to find there soul mate...I soooooooo recommend the site the service and the people all so helpful with ongoing advise? I have found MY TRUE LOVE, MY SOUL MATE, MY WIFE
We are two of the happiest people in the world now, we are the lucky couple we are winners...hope you can all find the same...

By Dave (CM374259), from Alberta, Canada
... I cannot contain the words of appreciation and thanks that your service or your site offers. The method in which it is set up, the quality of the translation and the help that you afford is amongst the finest.
Other sites have one sole role - to make easy money. The people are not screened, considered and it is just an electronic jungle. Yours actually means you have and are putting work and effort into it...

By Leon (CM372494), from NY, United States
...This is the best matchmaking site on the entire internet, by far. I have tried a lot of sites,so I know what I'm talking about. Your features and services are superb, honest, and secure...I am just stunned by their kindness, respect, and friendliness. I wish there were some way to tell them all that they are wonderful and special...

By Ronald (CM411374), from Maryland, United States
...and I live in a very small town, when I found Chnlove website on the internet, I did not think I would find a girl for me, I was wrong. Not only did I find a girl, I found the right girl for me and I married her.I have never been on a plane before in my life. But I got on a plane and went half way aroung the world, and the people were there to make sure that I got there safe, the people there would go way out of their way to make you feel at home in every way. I cannot say enough about them, they are like parents of a big family...

By Joe (CM779849), from New Jersey, United States
...I was seeking for a life partner for over 10 years both in the USA and Europe with no real success. The main problem was not language or custom but matter a basic value system, will conquer to compromise and expectation...On my first look through Chnlove, I noticed Huiling Li’s picture and profile, I was a happy person looking to pursuit happiness. Language can be learned - character, morals and value look to develop over many years...


We encourage you to submit Chnlove reviews and comments. Let us feature your stories on our forum.


, Hong Kong

  Posted: 14 Jan, 2011 05:36:51 # 1

  Chnlove reviews:
Hi, friends, there are something new to add this Chnlove reviews topic. More success stories, More comments. What about you? Are you ready to say something to

By Doug, from Queensland, Australia
Very satisfied. You have changed my life and I will always be in dept you people, and I can not explain how much I could thank you...I am sure my future with the most beautiful lady I have ever meet will be successfull, and make me the happest man in the world.

By Nampa, from United States have recently updated your site!
it has some new features and a new look to the old ones.
this is stating the obvios to you but i am impressed the new look is very inviting and makes a good impression...

By Nick Garner, from Alberta, Canada
Thank you for your assistance (contact and translation) in meeting the love of my life. I appreciate your professionalism and efficiency and would (and do) recommend this service to others.

By Dragon, from Montreal, Canada
I would like to express my best regards for the professionalism of chnlove services with translation which has been very helpful...

By Brian Gallagher, from British Columbia, Canada
YunHua and I sincerely thank you, for helping make both our dreams become real. With your help, our marriage happened as hoped, smoothly and promptly, despite our governments.


Dunnellun, United States

  Posted: 02 May, 2011 17:40:57 # 2

  For the moderator; do you update this information frequently? And how do you decide which posts to add to the forum? Since I've written several and still only see one uploaded thus far. I have been here now for about two weeks. But I have been on Chnlove for longer. I discovered the forum after I had doubts about my lady's letters being genuine. I last submitted a post today after she told me not to come to China. I now have to cancel flight, hotel, airport transfer and gifts. I don't like my emotions toyed with. So I think whoever you are if you're a part of CL then you should do a better screening of the people you signup, make sure they're at least interested in friendship if not love. Take this however you may I know websites have disclaimers, I'm not blaming CL for what happened.I went in with my eyes open. Should have heeded my instinct more, but if I didn't step in the water, I wouldn't have known it was so damned cold. Now chew on that and post my submittal if you're not partial to constructive criticism and true experiences. That's all I have to say.


Ashburn, United States

  Posted: 23 Oct, 2011 10:14:16 # 3

  I am a new member and want thank for all that they do. The overwhelming attention from the ladies has truly been unexpected. As a result choosing the one Lady for me has been very difficult. I trust that choice will soon be discovered. Thank YOU all for your Help.
My best Mike Porelle

P.S. What a Great web site.


toronto, Canada

  Posted: 18 Jul, 2012 06:07:24 # 4

  I have recently found the one for me on this site, and its a great feeling...thank you!


Pflugerville, United States

  Posted: 02 Jan, 2013 20:53:52 # 5

  I disagree that all the girls are what they appear to be. I have had numerous e-mails from 3 ladies (at my expense), and these girls do not exist. They obviously are generated from a Chinlove site. No question.


Rotterdam, United States

  Posted: 03 Jan, 2013 17:41:39 # 6

  I have not done so well,I believe some of your agency are baiting men to write Letters,why do I say this,I ask a direct question to a Lady no playing games,they right back I am serious Man and like that,then the problems start,my further letters come back like someone else answered them,not like a answer to my letter I sent her. I have one that seems to stay on track,but this is at a great costs,seems like it is mostly the same agent I am having a problem with,I think if this maybe true there should be a way to challenge the contact,we both want to be happy,me and you,because then I will spend money for help with arrangements to meet,which I would think you would like


Mesa, Arizona, United States

  Posted: 04 Mar, 2013 05:59:14 # 7

  I still have the feeling that some of the ladies here are not real. I have replied to some of the "Admirer Letters" and replied a couple times with the same lady. And some of the letters I receive have been anything but personal. They seem like generic form letters. So I stop replying to them.
I have received letters that are more personally specific. But when you ask specific questions and make certain statements that should get a certain response. And then you get a letter back that says nothing but generic and scripted responses, I feel like I am wasting my money.
Anybody else have this issue? Or am I just crazy?


waukegan, United States

  Posted: 20 Jul, 2013 01:28:38 # 8

  I have read hundreds of admirer letters so far and not one of them addressed anything unique in my profile. This leads me to conclude that the women have a standard letter of introduction that they send to numerous men. It would be too cumbersome to tailor each letter to each men's profile.

A smarter woman might go that extra mile because then she could really stand out from the crowd that doesn't.

But this interpolation is based only on my own experience. I would like to know if others believe similarly.

At any rate, if the letters you receive after the introduction letter still contain generalizations then I would be suspicious and look for ways to challenge that situation.


Brisebane, Australia

  Posted: 23 Sep, 2013 04:06:56 # 9

  The reply back from a lady would be as good as the translater that is reading your letter can translate your letter to the lady. Or translate her letter to English. So that will change from the differant agencies at Chnlove.


Prairie Village, United States

  Posted: 08 Feb, 2014 13:56:30 # 10

  Jay is absolutely correct! The admire letters are just an introduction letter that the agency sends whenever they see a man has clicked on one of their ladies profiles or made the lady a "favorite." But I have also received letters just out of the blue from ladies, these are mostly from new female members and the agency post likely sends these letters to every male member. Yes it is very rare that a woman will read, and then make a commit directed at your particular profile. This can be a good sign, but I have also seen some crafty translators do this to hook you into believing they are really the lady that is writing to you. I have been here two years, and have seen every trick. Some of the ladies on this site are not even active anymore, and the agencies will use their photos, and try to make you think you are writing to the real person. why? it is all about the money! I have been writing to one lady for several months, we also agreed on no frivolous "I love you so much" letters. We agreed to be patient and only REPLY to each others letters. And yet while the lady was away on holiday, the agency sent me two letters that were totally out of character, and I immediately could tell they were written my the translator wanting to make some money during a slow period. I complained to ChnLov, but that is a waste of time, I have never seen ChnLov ban an agency, again it is all about the money, not matchmaking. If you are lucky and do not go broke first, you may actually meet a real girl here, and fall in love. Scam agencies will try to send you a letter every day until you figure out what is going on, by that time, you wasted your money, and forget about getting a refund, I have asked for it several times, and have yet to see even one credit refunded. My advise is when writing letters ask questions, and tell her you insist that she answer your questions in her reply letter, and also ask for a recent non studio photo. Ask that it is be taken at her home, or at her work, or with some friends. Most agencies do not have these kind of photos on file. If the girl writes back and does not answer your questions, and makes an excuse about the photos, this should raise a BIG RED FLAG that you are most likely being scammed. If the letter looks like a form letter, then it most likely is. If it has short even spaced paragraphs composed of one or two sentences that basically just paraphrase the same concept, over and over then these are just Cut Copy and Paste letters sent from a really lazy translator. Use your common sense, if the latters are truly engaging, and she asks and answers your questions, then you have a keeper. All others letters are most likely fake. As Members here, our best defense and offense is this forum, share you bad and good experience, and be sure to include the girls ID number and the Agency so that we can ban together and boycott those agencies that operate as scam sites. For many of these agencies, ChnLove is their only source of income. So if they stop getting requests to write to their ladies, they will change or go under. I hope this has helped you new members, I hope I this will save you a few coins, and pain.

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